Lawyers get a bad name for some very compelling reasons

Here’s an example of why lawyers get a bad name.

Let’s say you’re one of those guys who finds it gentlemanly to walk a female co-worker, girlfriend or maybe even your sister back to their cars after meeting up with them for dinner at a local eatery.

Dark, eerie parking lots can be a little frightening for some, especially if you’re a fan of the popular crime drama “Criminal Minds.”

And while you hope muggers will never approach you during this gentlemanly act, we live in a very unpredictable world where mischievous people lurk behind every corner – literally.

I read a story online the other day where a young man was walking his girlfriend to her car late one evening in a darkened parking lot. Unfortunately, the pair was held up at gun point, and the young man sustained fairly serious, but not life-threatening injuries.

Enter in the sleazy lawyer who sees an opportunity for some quick cash. He convinced the young man to file a lawsuit against the young woman – arguing that if he hadn’t walked her to her car, then he would never have been injured in the first place. What a guy, right? I’m sure that relationship didn’t last long. 

And the financial damages being sought in this crap case? Well, it’s in the millions of dollars. Any wonder why lawyers get a bad name?

Let’s face it folks…things happen in life…bad things. Just the other day I fell off a ten-foot ladder in front of my house trimming a tree that belongs to the township I live in. While the act was caused by my own stupidity, should I sue the town anyway? After all, it was their tree I was trimming.

People make decisions in life and many times they don’t always produce the best outcome. But they’re our choices to make, and ours to reap the repercussions – good or bad. But lawyers don’t see it that way.

As governors around this great country continue to paint public employees as greedy monsters, one can’t help but wonder why no one seems to care about the thousands of bull shit lawsuits brought into our courts each year – costing taxpayers and insurance companies billions of dollars.

But I guess why would we? Because maybe someday we’ll get injured while walking someone to their car and we might be calling one of those greedy lawyers for a consultation. Let’s hope not.