Unsatisfied feelings should be replaced with moments of happiness

Unsatisfied feelings should be replaced with moments of happiness

“Sometimes I think we live in a world where, even when things are good, people always feel unsatisfied with wherever they are, so I think first I just want to enjoy being happy where I am now and not let my ambition take away from being in the moment.” – Jacob Whitesides

The more I interact with people, the more I’m beginning to see how unfulfilled and unsatisfied they are. I believe that discontented feelings are part of being human, and therefore, are not always easily controlled from day-to-day or circumstance-to-circumstance.

As many of us are already well aware, life can be a challenge – which only perpetuates feelings of being unsatisfied.

While I personally can relate in my personal and professional life, something happens every so often which reminds me to be happy just where I am.

This occurs whenever my wife and I are sitting outside on a beautiful evening as the sun makes its way into the horizon.

There’s peacefulness all around us – no distractions from technology to disturb the tranquility we find ourselves a part of.

Our minds are free from any chaos and our focus never drifts from the birds flying all around our heads, the sprinklers behind our house oscillating back and forth in an almost hypnotic pattern or on a familiar squirrel who’s often perched high in our fruit trees munching on apples.

It’s during such evenings, regardless of the season, when I remind myself how important it is to enjoy being happy where I am.

Anthony Liccione once said, “The ones that always, always wants something better, will never find better.”

As I said above, being unsatisfied is part of being human. But sometimes you need to let go of your ambitions and remind yourself to be happy in this moment, on this day, however it may be.

Wanting something better in life has been the hope and dream of generations of men and women all over the globe. But as you’re striving to achieve that, remember to find a little happiness along the way.