The End of the World…here we go again with this topic

According to Christian activists, the end of the world is coming on Saturday, May 21st.  Mark your calendars folks.

Thankfully, the NCIS season finale is on May 17th – so at least I’ll have finality on the continued port-to-port killer story line before we die.

Such an apocalypse has been predicted countless times before and yet here we still are!

But for argument’s sake, let’s just say the end of the world IS on May 21st. How do you think your life has turned out so far? Is the person you see in the mirror the person everyone else sees? Have you become a part of the materialistic generation or a generation of people truly trying to change the world and themselves?

It’s naïve for us to think that our days on this earth are infinite, and yet that’s how so many of us live – with momentary gratifications rather than measurable value. While I highly doubt that the end of the world is coming on May 21st, maybe its time we all started taking stock of the lives we’re living. Maybe it’s time to ask, “How do you think your life has turned out so far?”

It might be a tough question to ask, but it just might help you make the most of your future. That’s if there is a future…just kidding.