American Extremists are Making Hopelessness a Way of Life

American Extremists are Making Hopelessness a Way of Life

In this blog, I’ve always tried to inspire readers to question their habitual way of thinking and instead try to see things through the lens of compassion, equality, respect, and love. But when it comes to the topic of American extremists, my spirit is broken, and I struggle to find anything hopeful, meaningful, or positive to share about the United States of America.

Though let’s be honest, there’s nothing “united” about this country any longer.

I pivot back and forth between emotions of anger and frustration to sadness and despair. I try to understand why Senators aspire to such a lofty, impactful, and revered position in the United States government only to show their loyalty to American extremists who care little about anyone’s agenda beyond their own.

Today, I feel like I’m living among a dangerous group of enemies wearing suits and ties and given the power to take our progressive society back into the medieval ages. Their beliefs are frightening, their hypocrisy is astounding, and their ability to use one excuse after another to block change rather than inspire it is discouraging.

Our society is overwhelmed with serious issues like poverty, prejudice, mental well-being, violence, substance abuse, illness, climate change, propaganda, and the list goes on and on, unfortunately.

And yet, Senators who have the power to make immediate and impactful changes in the lives of millions of citizens from coast to coast are not American allies but foes. They are not interested in solutions designed to benefit the country but instead what benefits the American extremists rallying like an antiquated and misguided militia.

They are indeed a disgrace to all those Americans who’ve fought and died for the progress and freedoms we all take for granted and now use to our advantage to justify actions of hate and disrespect as legitimate.

American extremists are trying to take our country back to a time when wealthy white men held power and influence over how our country functioned. They want their wives to be submissive, with dinner ready and on the table as soon as they arrive home while removing their rights to control what they can and cannot do with their bodies.

Extremists talk about replacement theory, never once mentioning that wealthy white men eradicated the Native American Indians from this country so they could maintain a way of life they believed was justified.

Extremists want to control our children’s education, so they become narrow-minded and uneducated adults oblivious to diversity and the reality that regardless of color, race, or sexual orientation, we’re all deserving of the same rights, liberties, and pursuits of happiness.

And let’s not forget, American extremists are trying to limit your ability to legally vote for your candidate of choice. This is a cowardly move by Senators who know they simply can’t win if the elections are fair.

What’s perhaps most distressing about this post is that nothing will change. Each time a horrific event or a challenge to our fundamental rights makes headlines, I naively believe that somehow America will unite together and say enough is enough. But that never happens.

The power of American extremists in government has imprisoned us all in a society where hopelessness is now a way of life.