Healthcare is also about empathy not just medicine

Something the healthcare profession is missing is a dose of empathy.

My 92 year old grandmother took a little tumble the other day. The result? A painful break in her shoulder. And yet even with that, still not a complaint from this stubborn, strong-willed Italian.

Me? I’d be crying over in the corner somewhere begging for some pain medication.

My wife and I went to see her in the hospital last night and her spirits were good, though I can’t say she was getting all that much attention from the nursing staff.

I understand they’re busy, but for the hour and a half we were there, nurses were nowhere to be found, and when I did ask them a question they weren’t the most friendly or helpful individuals around.

It’s a shame really, because when you don’t feel well the last thing you need is to be surrounded by people who aren’t equipped with an overflowing amount of empathy.

Thankfully, my grams had a wonderful roommate. She was warm, caring and incredibly friendly. She looked out for my grandmother, making sure she ate and had something to drink – offering conversation and stimulation in an otherwise gloomy environment.

While I’m sorry this woman had to be in the hospital, I was glad she was there to keep an eye on grams when no one else could.

Be it at home, in rehab centers or in the hospital, part of healthcare is caring for people’s hearts with unlimited empathy. I can’t help but feel that somewhere along the line healthcare professionals have forgotten about that.