Finding yourself in familiar territory with an old hobby

Today didn’t start off so well, but an old hobby made it all better.

Rain clouds darkened the sky and the precipitation beating on my window made the thought of getting up and ready for work almost unbearable.

As if the commute wasn’t bad enough already, add a few drops into the mix and it transforms into utter chaos.

But I’m happy to say that the day gradually improved with each hour – especially after revisiting an old hobby of mine that was obviously still alive and well.

Throughout my life, the theatrical world had always interested me – at least the technical end of the spectrum.

I stage managed all the main stage productions during my tenure in high school and college, even had the privilege of directing a few, and most notably worked as the assistant stage manager and stage manager respectively on two Off-Broadway productions in New York City. At that time, theater was truly my passion.

But few things in life ever remain the same – evolving and eventually even pulling us away from that which we once thought we couldn’t exist without.

Today however, I found myself in familiar territory for the first time in (gasp!) almost 15 years thanks to that old hobby. Assigned with the task of completing a promotional video shoot for work, I suddenly found myself developing a story idea and ultimately a script, discussing location and blocking and then directing a wonderful actress throughout the process.

It brought back some wonderful memories and reminded me of just how much I missed working in the theater. While I was a little rusty, it warmed my heart to know that some things you never really forget – at least the things that once meant so much to you.

Our dreams and desires may not always be fulfilled as we journey through this life, but with any luck you’ll find yourself calling upon those passions from the past for a future endeavor. I hope you find as much enjoyment as I did.