My resignation from the hypocrites at Catholic Church

It’s been a long time since I’ve stepped foot inside a Catholic Church – unless of course you count the Christmas Eves when my wife and I just went to enjoy the holiday music.

In truth, I’ve given up on the Catholic Church a long time ago – ever since the sexual abuse scandal in which priests were allowed to roam free, even though every day citizens would’ve been criminally charged with prison time.

I don’t accept hypocrisy in anyone closest to me and I certainly don’t accept it in my religion.

I recently read that the Archbishop of Newark, one John J. Myers, released a 16-page statement on the archdiocesan website – vehemently denying his churches support for civil same-sex marriage equality, sadly comparing it to incest.

If you’re bewildered and dismayed by that one you’re not alone.

He goes on to say that anyone who disagrees with his views should refrain from participating in Holy Communion. Gladly Archbishop, for I’d be embarrassed to be associated with a group of individuals so filled with judgment and hate towards their fellow man.

Forget about the sexual abuse scandal, which makes the Archbishops 16-page statement almost laughable. You mean to tell me that in a society where millions of people are living in poverty, this is the most important thing you found to talk about?

James Salt, the executive director of Catholics United (a social justice organization) recently said, “We live in a time when Catholics are walking away from the faith in record numbers. Archbishop Myers’ tone-deaf pastoral letter on marriage might explain why.

When so many families live paycheck to paycheck, pew-sitting Catholics like myself want our faith known for its service to the poor, not for the far-right politics of the bishops.”

I’ll say AMEN to that!

Well Archbishop Myers, this is my official resignation from the Catholic Church. You’ve lost my support, my financial donations and most of all my respect.

If you care about humanity and have any idea what it means to find the love of your life, I encourage you all to question the integrity of any man who compares those fostering loving, commitment relationships with the word “incest”.