Returning to simpler times can bring you a new perspective

Today I’m doing something I haven’t done in years – write a blog by hand. I’m sitting at the dining room table armed with a black pen and a yellow lined note pad, actually finding it awkward to use the writing skills I learned back in the second grade.

Writing has become one of those “things” that’s become passé in life.

In today’s technological society, people don’t write in day planners and address books. They don’t sign greetings cards or compose letters to friends living across the country or across the globe. Many of us don’t even sign checks or credit card receipts any longer as such transactions are now funneled through those tiny handheld devices we’ve all become so reliant on – myself included.

But writing this post (by hand) has reminded me of many late night hours when I’d be writing poems, songs or articles in the dozens of spiral bound notebooks I filled over the years. While it might sound crazy, I enjoyed the “pen and paper” process I abandoned so many years ago. Maybe it’s time I started again.

My writing abilities are unchanged whether it’s word-processed or hand-written, but there’s something I find truly inspirational about the latter. And even though corrections can be a pain (must like the line I just crossed out) I feel like the creative juices flow a little freer and make me think a little harder when I’m not relying on technology to help me write. And couldn’t we all use to challenge our brains a little more these days? I know I could.

So what’s my point with all of this?

That sometimes a break from the norm, a return to what was simpler, can provide you with a new perspective and focus in life. And with the state of our world today, who couldn’t use a little bit of that?