Processed foods and rubber shoes should have nothing in common

Subway, one of the biggest bread makers in the world, recently removed a chemical from its bread recipe that’s typically used to increase elasticity in everything from yoga mats to rubber shoes to imitation leather.

Soft drink giant Coca-Cola, following Pepsi’s lead, recently said it will begin removing brominated vegetable oil (BVO) from its drinks. BVO is a flame retardant often used on plastics and kids clothing.

At times it’s almost unfathomable to think of how many chemical substances are allowed on the recipe cards of processed and fast foods. While the FDA might exist to protect the public’s health, I can’t help but wonder how they honestly believe examples like I’ve mentioned above will not negatively affect a person’s body over time.

Are they simply naïve? Are they yet another political entity controlled by big business? Or is it our fault – for so many of us are aware of these issues and simply shrug our shoulders and pretend nothing bad could ever happen to us. Remember that rationale the next time you’re sitting in a doctor’s office hearing bad news.

I can’t control much in my life, but I can control what goes into my body. While low prices often make processed and fast foods appealing to the masses, price does not always equal quality and shouldn’t be the only criteria for what you put in your mouth for nourishment.

Virginia Woolf once remarked, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”