When feeling down remember, this is temporary

For anyone who’s ever found themselves lost, alone and discouraged by the unforeseen challenges life continually hand us, it can be utterly impossible at times to believe that better days are coming.

Humans seem to be wired to focus on the negatives in life – to overlook and underappreciate all the blessings we’ve been afforded as we swirl further and further into personal pity and despair.

A friend of mine continually tells me that “this is temporary” whenever I’m feeling as though my life will never return to a feeling of fulfillment, prosperity and joy. However, that’s not so easy to remember when you feel as though your life is void of purpose and security.

It can be frightening at times to look ahead and see nothing but a black hole without anything promising to re-ignite your passions and dreams for tomorrow. And while there are some facets of your life that you can influence, for the most part so much of it is beyond our control.

But I still believe in what my dear friend has told me – “this is temporary”.

After all, we’ve seen each other through so much and we’re still here probably much stronger than we were before. It’s during these times when you need to remember that you’ve made it through before and you will again. That you’ve already looked into that black hole of darkness and somehow found a light to guide you home.

For all those who know what I’m talking about, don’t forget that you’re still here fighting the fight and that counts for something. We all like to think that courage comes in a superhero costume, but in reality it comes quietly from those who manage to find a way through the storm.

Paul Stewart once wrote, “Everything passes. Joy. Pain. The moment of triumph; the sigh of despair. Nothing lasts forever – not even this.”


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