There’s nothing wrong with laughing at yourself

Today was one of those mornings when I found myself in a bit of a quandary.

I just hopped out of the shower when it dawned on me – I don’t have any deodorant left!

Paranoid about the possibility of being “unfresh” in the workplace, and with no time to run to the store, I had to improvise.

You may remember a deodorant commercial from years ago stating “strong enough for a man, but made for a woman”. Well I certainly put that to the test today.

Beyond smelling like a “girl”, I have to admit that my wife’s deodorant did a pretty damn good job. I guess it was more than just some slick marketing jargon after all – this stuff really does work on a man!

Driving to work I started to laugh.

Gender lines mean so little to me that I could care less if anyone found out about my deodorant choice for the day. While the so called “real men” of the world would probably have just hung one of those little tree air fresheners inside their shirt, I’m secure enough in my manhood that such product stereotypes don’t mean a thing.

I guess that’s the point really – that we all should be comfortable enough with ourselves to find a little humor during these unexpected events. If nothing else they should make for a funny story, NOT trigger some societal gender faux-pa.


One thought on “There’s nothing wrong with laughing at yourself

  1. V funny. I have always thought the tag line should be ‘strong enough for a woman, but men can use it , too’. Guess there’s no need for a case study.

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