What sacrifice have YOU made to better your character?

We could learn a lot from former Ford and Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca, who made a great sacrifice for his professional character. This was taken from an article written by Susan Tompor – a Free Press Columnist.

Iacocca cut his salary to $1 a year as Chrysler arranged concessions that the Loan Guarantee Act required.

“I didn’t take $1 a year to be a martyr,” Iacocca wrote in 1984 in his bestseller Iacocca: An Autobiography.

“I took it so that when I went to Doug Fraser, the union president, I could look him in the eye and say: ‘Here’s what I want from you guys as your share,’ and he couldn’t come back to me and ask: ‘You SOB, what sacrifice have you made?'”

From homes to businesses to politics, we need to start asking a tough question – “what sacrifice have YOU made?” So many people preach to us daily about what we must pay and rules we must follow, but have they made any sacrifices in support of those requests?

Have they tried to set an example by being the first one to practice what they preach?

It’s easy to create the laws and regulations which govern our lives – it’s quite another thing to apply them ourselves.