Remembering the elderly

Nursing facilities are unfortunately overflowing with human beings closing out the final chapter of their lives. They’re left with little in the way of dignity – a pale comparison to their younger selves.

There’s no doubt it’s a sad reality for lives that have existed, triumphed and survived for some 80 or 90 years, but there’s little that can be done beyond making their last days as comfortable as possible. Seems terribly inadequate, but the human body can only bare so much.

Admittedly, such facilities can be a rather depressing place to visit with any regularity. Watching a human life succumb to the aging process is not always pleasant – especially when it’s someone you love dearly.

Some will say they simply cannot visit family members in such facilities – claiming they don’t want to remember them how they are in their last days.

But I’m reminded of something author Nicholas Sparks wrote in his popular novel The Notebook.

“Our lives can’t be measured by our final years, of this I am sure.”

Growing old and dying is not pleasant for the person going through it or the friends and family looking on. But our cherished memories of those who have left an immeasurable impact upon our hearts will not be measured by their final years – of this I am sure.

So put aside your own fears and weaknesses and make time for those whose time is running out.


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