Learning the importance of education from our first teachers

I’ve always believed that a successful education, regardless of geography, is contingent upon the commitment of three groups: teachers, students and perhaps most importantly, parents.

Now I’m sure you’re all scratching your heads as to why I’d say “parents” might just be the most important part of the educational equation, but think about this.

Our parents or guardians are our first “teachers”.

They provide us with a logical, behavioral and moral foundation we then apply to every facet of our lives. They guide us in making decisions, ground us to what’s truly important in life and support us in following our dreams.

If you’ve taken the time to truly “parent” your child, rather than be their “friend”, they will undoubtedly learn the importance of equality, compassion, charity and education.

If you’re one of them, I applaud your dedication!

And that is why I consider parents the most important part of the educational process.

If parents rarely involve themselves in a child’s educational career, it sends a powerful message that the overall results are not worth the effort.

Sadly the priorities of many American families are geared more towards building an arsenal of material possessions to elevate one’s status, rather than the importance of a strong educational foundation for building a future.

And as for our government? They’ll never blame a student’s home life for any educational shortfalls – fearing the repercussions at the polls. It’s much easier instead to blame teachers and administrators for low test scores.

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Ignorance breeds biases, hatred and eventually divides man against each other. If our great nation is ever going to return to its glory days, then we need to impress upon our children the immeasurable value of an education – starting with the “teachers” they have at home.


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