Lauren Boebert should be fired for her racist remarks as a representative of America

Lauren Boebert should be fired for her racist remarks as a representative of America

On November 18, I wrote a blog post regarding Rep. Paul Gosnar and his cartoon attack on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and President Joe Biden. The post asked that Gosnar face the same fate as any hard-working American would had they done the same thing at their place of employment. Now, 12 days later, I’m asking the same thing for one of his party members. Lauren Boebert should be fired.

James Madison, the 4th president of the United States from 1809 to 1817, once remarked that “The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty.” 

Where is the advancement of knowledge where Lauren Boebert is concerned? A woman in an esteemed position who sees nothing wrong with her extreme racism of Rep. Ilhan Omar (and many others I’m sure she’s yet to share with us).

More importantly, it doesn’t show courage to be a racist. But it is courageous to rally against it – especially as a representative of the United States of America.

Shouldn’t we expect that our elected officials should be positive influencers? Indeed, that’s one of the reasons for getting involved in politics in the first place, correct?

To encourage and inspire others to abolish racial prejudices and learn to accept and appreciate each other’s differences as strengths, not weaknesses, as unified citizens?

Public racism – as a government employee and representative – should not be tolerated, and as I said at the beginning, Lauren Boebert should be fired for it. Her behavior will only further incite violent tendencies and Islamophobic behavior – it will tell racists throughout the country that white supremacy is alive and well and hatred “trumps” diversity. 

If those who represent and guide us can’t understand the impact of leading by example, I’m afraid America will not see an advancement and diffusion of knowledge. Instead, we’ll be turning back the clock to a time of racial injustices many fought against and even gave their lives for.

Lauren Boebert should be fired. There should be no debate about that. If you don’t believe me, ask your Human Resources Vice President, Director, Manager, or even Generalist if you would still have a job if you spread the same racial remarks as Boebert has at your place of employment. 

The Society for Human Resource Management reports that you could be fired if your employer discovers a hate speech or post of any kind on your personal social media accounts. Boebert is an elected public official who seems to flaunt her racist beliefs, and yet somehow, she’s still employed as a representative of America. She is above the consequences so many average citizens across the country must abide by.

Lauren Boebert believes she is above any repercussions for her actions, and the entire Republican party – by being silent – is saying they agree with her. People are naïve if they don’t grasp that saying nothing against attention seekers like Lauren Boebert is definitely saying something.

In her excellent book, So You Want to Talk About Race, Ijeoma Oluo says, “You have to get over the fear of facing the worst in yourself. You should instead fear unexamined racism. Fear the thought that right now, you could be contributing to the oppression of others, and you don’t know it. But do not fear those who bring that oppression to light. Do not fear the opportunity to do better.”

The Republican party has an opportunity to do better by standing up against the racist representatives who now seem to define the party. Here’s hoping they recognize their chance.


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