Kids do still ride their bikes

As a young boy, I used to love riding my fire engine red Huffy bicycle all the way to the top of my block – okay, I had to push it up the last ten feet or so.

Then once I caught my breath, I’d go into the middle of the street and start peddling as fast as I could until I could lift my feet off the pedals and gravity took over.

I can still remember that exhilarating feeling of having your body cut through the air with the greatest of ease – not a care in the world.

That was a long time ago.

You don’t see many kids riding bikes or playing outside anymore. I guess they’re too busy playing with their computers and cell phones to see much enjoyment in the simple pleasures I remember from when I was a kid – things like riding down that hill with the wind in my face.

But the other day, while my wife and I were out walking, I felt as though I were looking back in time. A young boy came riding by us heading towards the top of a hill very much like the one I grew up on. And as I had done countless times before, he got off his bike just before reaching the top and pushed the rest of the way up.

Looking on smiling, I knew what was next. He started peddling down the hill, lifting his legs off the pedals and making a funny whistling sound with his lips. I was actually jealous at how much fun he was having.

But nothing lasts forever, right? I was just glad to see that there are still kids in this world who understand just how much fun you can have on your bike.


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