It’s not always the place that matters, but the person you’re with

As some of you might already be aware, after 39 years of living in the Garden State – New Jersey for those unfamiliar with the designation – my wife and I have decided to move west and begin a new chapter in our lives with family in Colorado.

It’s been in the works for a while now, but still seemed surreal until the other day when I looked at the actual calendar. Our official move date is June 24th – 18 short days from now.

Are we scared and anxious? Oh yeah!

Are we hopeful and excited for the future? Absolutely!

As our time here in New Jersey winds down, we’ve been crossing off things on our bucket list, which includes scenic and iconic destinations, as well as restaurants we’ve frequented and enjoyed over the years.

And while I’ve appreciated our excursions – crossing them off our predetermined list – I’ve noticed that for some reason the places we’ve been before have lost a little of their luster. I thought about this for a while and then realized that it’s often not the destination that is most exciting, but who we’re fortunate enough to share it with.

The moments of our lives can never be recreated, but they can be remembered. And as I’m realizing now you don’t always have to be physically somewhere to remember walking down the aisle in a picturesque garden ceremony, sitting around a fire pit with cherished family in a log cabin high atop the mountains or the first time you held hands with that special someone announcing your relationship to the world.

So while revisiting many of these places from the past is enjoyable, ultimately I consider myself fortunate to still be with the same amazing person for the future. A future, while filled with uncertainty and discovery across the country, will always be memorable as long as she’s there to share it with.


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  1. I wish you folks all the success and happiness in your move. I have relatives that moved to Colorado from Long Island many,many years ago. They made a go of it and have been very happy with the move.

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