If a stimulus check is not needed, consider donating some of it

If a stimulus check is not needed, consider donating some of it

I recently read an article on Yahoo.com by famed financial guru Suze Orman entitled, “The 3 worst ways people will use their next stimulus check”.

While there’s no guarantee that Americans will in fact receive another stimulus check in the near future, many of us have been fortunate enough to maintain employment and good health and haven’t required the government’s financial contribution to our overall bottom line.

That good fortune has consistently provided for the needs of our family from abundant, quality foods, to a comfortable roof over our heads and a warm bed to crawl into.

But for so many Americans, a stimulus check could very well be the means for sustainment in a nation so ravaged by the unforeseen circumstances of Covid-19.

Back to the article I reference above. Suze’s third worst way people will use their next stimulus check was a humbling surprise to me.

Keeping the money if they don’t need it.

From Yahoo.com: “Orman says people who don’t need another stimulus check to cover urgent expenses or fill up an emergency fund should consider donating it, to help someone who can really use the money.”

How many of us are willing to do that? 

Would you justify keeping it by telling yourself that you pay taxes and are deserving of “free money” if the government is handing it out?

Or, would you blame people for their current financial struggles – a standard defense mechanism by those with means to defend their lack of charity.

Author and blogger Dan Pearce once said, “The next time you want to withhold your help, or your love, or your support for another for whatever the reason, ask yourself a simple question: do the reasons you want to withhold it reflect more on them or on you? And which reasons do you want defining you forevermore?

Many with financial means and opportunity believe they deserve this money and will probably use it for something superficial and meaningless. But we all have a chance here to show the karma God’s above that we don’t just exist for the betterment of ourselves.

Look, I’m not telling you to share every penny you receive. But if everyone who doesn’t need another stimulus check gave just $500, could you imagine the impact for those truly affected by Covid-19? What a difference we could make – what a difference I will try and make if another deposit is in fact made to my bank account.

After all, hoarding our blessings doesn’t really help anyone.


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  1. Questions rarely asked are the most thought provoking.
    Am I hoarding my blessings ?
    very powerful indeed.
    thank you!!

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