High school behaviors often carrying over into adulthood

I used to think that once you graduated from high school, you were forever set free from the catty, judgmental world of pubescence. But as a friend of mine recently reminded me, there’s no escaping it.

Just look around your neighborhoods or the places you work and you’ll find the same populous hierarchy, the same backstabbing chatter and gossip and even bullying from teenage jocks whose mentality hasn’t changed even though they’re twenty-years older.

I hated high school for this very reason, and now having been around the business block long enough, I find myself sometimes feeling like a teenager all over again. I guess adulthood is not exempt from the same BS that went on in crowded hallways and classrooms so many years ago.

It’s easy to forget that just because we own a home and pop out a few kids, doesn’t make us full-fledged adults. It doesn’t make us pillars of the community when we’re still playing the same teenage games only in a much bigger field.

They say some people never fully grow up – clinging to their youth and the behaviors associated with it. But some day I’d like to get out of high school instead of always finding myself surrounded by those who perpetuate a place in time when the only person they cared about was themselves. Oh wait, that’s America isn’t it?