Food, Inc. – what they don’t want you to know

Recently I re-watched a very telling and disturbing documentary from 2008 entitled “Food, Inc.”

My first viewing left me deeply affected by this incredibly revealing look at the food industry, and it came as no surprise that I was similarly affected this time around.

Our food supply is being turned into nothing more than a big business where greed and control trump the health and well-being of all citizens of the world. It’s a topic worth repeating over and over again until everyone in American understands what’s really going on with the food we bring the table each and every day.

Children naively believe that everything we eat comes from the shelves of our local supermarket, not from farms or dairies or factories, which crank out foods we crave in massive quantities. But did you ever stop to wonder if what we’re eating could be tainted by the way in which it’s being produced? Has the quality and benefits of the food we’re consuming been diluted in order to meet the high demands of the buying public?

In short, filmmaker Robert Kenner uncovers a startling reality about the way in which food in the United States is produced, and the consent our own governmental agencies (the USDA and the FDA) provide on these unthinkable practices. Let me just say this: when you see a clip of a living cow being hoisted into a factory by a forklift because it’s too weak to walk, you know what you’re about to see will make you question everything you put in your mouth.

You’d think the food industry and our government officials, who continually profess to have the lives of everyday citizens as its highest priority, would be more concerned about where our food is coming from before it arrives on our plates. But sadly, it’s all about profits – as is just about everything else in this world.

We no longer care about the end result, just as long as it’s cheap to produce, allowing huge conglomerates to accrue as much money as possible into their greedy little pockets. And guess who suffers? The consumer, as always, as food prices skyrocket and side labels contain ingredients that many of us can barely pronounce – not to mention the strain these mass produced foods could potentially be causing our bodies.

But if there’s anything Americans do best it’s bury their heads in the sand by pretending the problem doesn’t exist. This is one of those issues that society doesn’t want to hear about. “It still tastes good” is what you commonly hear people saying – an easy way out for those unwilling to make a change in the way they live their lives.

There are very few things we can control in this world, but we certainly can control what we’re purchasing at the supermarket. By choosing the RIGHT kind of foods, it sends a powerful message to companies putting profit ahead of our health, and those in government receiving kickbacks to look the other way.

Maybe it might cost you a little more or be a slight inconvenience to you at first, but isn’t it worth it to be able to accurately answer the question what are we really eating?

So I urge you all to sit down and watch “Food, Inc.” Pass it along to as many people as you can for when we come together for the good of humanity, anything is possible.


2 thoughts on “Food, Inc. – what they don’t want you to know

  1. “But if there’s anything Americans do best it’s bury their heads in the sand by pretending the problem doesn’t exist”…well said Craig and unfortunately so, so true. Organic produce and fresh fish…that’s the ticket! Another great article sir, keep it up!

    1. Thanks so much for commenting! I just wish people would start to realize that what they buy or don’t buy truly sends a message. All the best…

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