Feeling down? Just grab a spoon!

“When I’m feeling down, I make myself a big bowl of Up Soup. The bowl only looks empty, but in reality it’s full of hope. Grab a spoon, there’s plenty for both of us.”

Jarod Kintz, A Zebra is the Piano of the Animal Kingdom

Today was my “feeling down” day.

That typically encompasses feelings of loss and loneliness from the past, not to mention frustration over current situations I’m simply unable to “fix” right now.

I don’t wake up in the morning proclaiming that I’m going to start off my day feeling down, but people and circumstances beyond my own control often set those wheels in motion.

It’s difficult to reframe your mindset – to refocus your attention on the many blessings your life’s been afforded, rather than what distresses you at the moment.

But many times all it takes is a kind word from someone who cares about you through the ups and down of life to remind you, “You just need to have patience. Things will turn around.”

I hope that you all have someone like that in your life. Someone who knows that if and when the tables are turned, you’ll be there for them as well. So grab a bowl of hope, sit next to that special someone and enjoy.

Believe me, there’s plenty for both of you.