You have everything you need if you look for it

“We already have everything we need.”Pema Chodron

When the PowerBall jackpot was valued at $1.5 billion dollars, I don’t think there was a person alive who didn’t find themselves asking “what if”.

It’s human nature to dream of the comfort, security and convenience such an incredible fortune would provide – not to mention a huge reduction in the everyday stresses we all suffer from.

I admit getting caught up in the fantasy – playing out the “what if” scenario in my head like a young child who believes in magic and fairy tales.

One day before the big drawing, I remember driving home from work and thinking to myself I’m pretty darn fortunate with the life I have right now.

The reality is that I have everything I need at this very moment – love, freedom, opportunity, shelter and the list goes on and on. It’s easy to think that winning the lottery is the real “grand prize” in life, but more often than not we’re already winners at a game we play each and every day.

There’s nothing wrong with asking “what if” from time to time. But never allow what you “want” to be confused with what we really “need” in life. For many of us, chances are we already have it.