During times of sorrow, remember that this too shall pass

In the hopes of cheering up a very dear friend, I recently passed along the following words of wisdom – which I happily share with you today.

“This too, shall pass. When things are bad, remember: It won’t always be this way. Take one day at a time. When things are good, remember: It won’t always be this way. Enjoy every great moment.” Doe Zantamata

Isn’t that wonderful?

I think it’s important to remember that in life nothing is constant. Times filled with infinite joy are almost always followed by some kind of sorrow or anguish, which seems never ending in its assault.

It’s during these times of despair when it can be difficult to believe that better days are ahead. That the struggles we all must endure serve to humble us, strengthen our character and remind us what’s truly important.

Though not always easy, take life as it comes and remember that good or bad, nothing stays the same forever. Hold fast to your friends and loved ones, and remember that they’re always there for the ups and downs we all experience at one point or another.

They’re the earth-bound angels who make times of joy even better, and the struggles we face more tolerable.


One thought on “During times of sorrow, remember that this too shall pass

  1. Hi Craig,

    I love this Persian proverb, such simple words and yet so true. Nothing stays constant everything is temporary, if only we could apply that when we are going through the not so happy or good times. Something to really ponder, always hold close the true friends and loving family because they are our light. Gail

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