Don’t wait for the right moment, create it

Paulo Coelho once said that, “The two hardest tests on the spiritual road are the patience to wait for the right moment and the courage not to be disappointed with what we encounter.”

Patience – I’ve never been a big fan. While I’m far from being a registered member of today’s Instant Gratification Society, I hate waiting around for things to fall into place.

Perhaps what I hate most about these times is the fact that they’re often beyond my control. Curses! – can’t things just fall into place a little faster?

But then I remind myself that change is always possible, and before long you’ll find yourself staring “the right moment” in the face. You’ll probably laugh at how ridiculous you were behaving during your “disappointed” phase. How you’d brand just about anyone as the culprit for why things aren’t going as you’d like them to.

But sometimes the rough roads of life provide us with more answers than we think. They cause us to truly ponder our happiness and fulfillment; our choices now and in the future. And the lesson we typically pull from all this is that life is fragile and invaluable. We must look at our reality and make sure that we’re following our heart’s passion, not our heads logic.

For then and only then will you find yourself no longer waiting for the right moment, but creating it.


One thought on “Don’t wait for the right moment, create it

  1. Great advices, and very true. I just completed the roughest year of my life (divorce, lost my house and struggled at almost everything – 1 year later – happy, promoted at work – new place to live and divorce – happily divorce from a cruel person who didn’t not deserve my time.
    Thank you for your inspring words 🙂

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