Conforming Thoughts are Holding Americans Prisoner

Conforming Thoughts are Holding Americans Prisoner

The prominent headlines thus far in 2022 are troubling for so many of us. For all the progress America and its citizens have made over the last 246 years, such headlines seem to contradict such progress as we seem to be trapped in a swirling sea of conforming thoughts.

It’s been 246 years since the founding of this great nation, and here we are, still confronting issues that have long plagued our society without resolve.

Racial prejudice, economic imbalance, political irresponsibility, women’s inequality, homophobia, propaganda, and even restricting one’s ability to vote makes one question just how far has America really progressed?

The commonality between today’s thinking and hundreds of years ago remains the same – one must adhere to conforming thoughts.

Merriam-Webster defines “conforming” as “acting in accordance with prevailing standards or customs; to be obedient or compliant.” Conforming thoughts are not applied for the celebration of our differences.

Instead, conforming thoughts refuse to acknowledge that any developing society will always be required to re-examine traditional comprehension in order to see beyond antiquated philosophies many refuse to condemn and cling to like a security blanket.

What has America attained then if there seems to be no resolution to the struggles that continue through the generations? What impact have we made if we continue to encourage a social narrative that is no longer applicable to those living here and now in 2022?

America should be much, much more than unrealistic principles of conforming thoughts. We should not be gravitating backward in an attempt to maintain a system of thinking and logic that has no business in a highly civilized, knowledgeable, and progressive society.

American physician and philosopher Debasish Mridha says, “A society becomes a breeding ground of violence and terrorism when it closes its door to new ideas and forces the citizens to live in the prison of conforming thoughts.”

We may live in the most democratic society in the world, but lately, America has allowed itself to become a prisoner to the past.


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