YouTube rant shows just how dumb people are on the internet

If the world of social sites such as YouTube has taught us anything, it’s just how dumb we really.

Take Alexandra Wallace, a UCLA student who recently posted a three-minute bitch session on YouTube about all the Asian students on campus. She whined about how they use their cell phones in the library and drag their entire family on campus for regular housecleaning – even pathetically mocking their accent to further add insult to injury.

But nothing amused me more than when she said they should “learn American manners” and make their calls elsewhere.

Really? Does she live in this country or just spend most of her life hidden on the floor of her closet?

Americans learn manners? Please. We’ve become some of the rudest, most uncaring people around, and if you’re looking for proof of that just listen to Wallace’s YouTube rant. Was that an American showing her “learned” manners? If so, this country’s in some serious trouble.

Within days of the video’s release it garnered some half-million hits, and thankfully they were NOT in support of Wallace. Instead, almost overnight, she became on outcast on campus. Boo-hoo, don’t you feel sorry for her? I know I don’t.

Embarrassed and no doubt feeling like a complete loser, she withdrew it from YouTube and offered several heartfelt apologies – I guess when you’re issued death threats it kind of changes the way you look at things, wouldn’t you say?

It’s a shame we can’t figure out a way to use all this technology to make a positive change in this ever-challenging world. Instead all we keep doing is showing the world just how dumb we really are.