What will matter is not your success but the significance of the contribution

In society today, “you success” is inevitably linked to some monetary equivalent or fame.

We measure the success of a business, initiative or person by their arsenal of cash in the bank, rather than their impact on the world around them. Seems a little backwards if you ask me.

Poet Michael Josephson once wrote, “What will matter is not your success but your significance…”

And that’s how I look at this blog.

Yes it costs me money to run this site year after year, but honestly the individuals I’ve been able to inspire with my writing has been invaluable and utterly rewarding.

Individuals from all around the country, and even around the world! It’s truly amazing how the advent of the internet has allowed us to connect with individuals we otherwise would not have been able to get to know in our daily lives.

So while this blog might never be a true “success” story in the eyes of a materialistic society, it has provided me with something far greater – significance.