A valentine to yourself can help you appreciate the person you are

Feeling a little down in the dumps and unfulfilled, a dear friend of mine suggested writing a “valentine” to myself – a note of love and appreciation for the person I am and rarely see.

I’ll try just about anything once, and so I sat down to write myself this message of love.

I’m rarely at a loss for words, but I struggled to form complete sentences to express my inner appreciation for the person I am today.

In life, we’re rarely called upon to write about ourselves, our abilities and our accomplishments. While such a practice might be commonplace for those appearing in a theatrical playbill, for the ordinary people of the world there just never seems to be a need.

It’s awkward to sit down and tell yourself with any kind of sincerity that you’re strong, considerate, talented and even funny. But sometimes you need to remind yourself that you are invaluable in this life; that you make a difference many times without even knowing it; that you should be proud of everything you’ve done no matter how great or small.

Thank you Louise for assigning me this task of writing a valentine to myself. It wasn’t easy by any means, but I can see there is endless value in telling yourself, “I love you for you”.