Time to heal – the only way to positively move forward

“Just like there’s always time for pain, there’s always time for healing.”

Jennifer Brown, Hate List

One of humanities greatest challenges seems to be our inability to accept the drastic changes our lives are plagued with – cognitively allowing ourselves the proper time to heal.

We do our best to try and suppress our injuries, disappointments and regrets within the chambers of our heart – conducting our lives in a manner which provides others with an unrealistic perception.

I learned a very long time ago that you can’t run away from what you’re feeling, let alone try and deny the existence of those feelings.

Some turn to drugs and alcohol, others simply “pretend” that everything is fine and a few try and engage in a lifestyle that is outside of their norm all in an effort to prevent themselves from accepting the pain so they can begin to heal.

It’s been a number of years now since I made the very difficult decision to cease communication with my parents. It was an incredibly trying time for me, as you’re faced with leaving behind a life you’ve come to know for decades.

But in the end the relationship had grown unhealthy for many reasons, and as I’ve come to learn sometimes the answer means walking away.

Early on I tried to cover up my injuries, disappointments and regrets – smiling for the world as though the separation had little to no effect on me.

But eventually I came to realize that not until I allowed myself to grieve and ultimately heal from the loss would I ever be able to positively progress into the future.

Dealing with our feelings is never easy because what we’re “feeling” is often tied to a much greater issue we’re not willing to accept and process.

Grieving and healing will never fully erase the memories and the longing we feel for individuals who once were a huge part of our lives. However, it will allow you to compartmentalize the hurt and accept the realities, while maintaining the character and integrity that makes us who we are.

Before your next big journey in life, ask yourself, “have I allowed myself time to heal?” Remember, you’ll never truly move forward with the future until you’ve already made peace with the past.