The streets are not your personal garbage can, so STOP littering!

This weekend the sun was brightly shining and the temperatures rose to the upper 70’s. Therefore the last place I wanted to be was cooped up inside – especially after the brutal winter the north east was forced to battle this year.

The weekend was a mix of leisurely enjoyment and household chores – hiking through the mountains on Saturday, and doing yard clean-up outside on Sunday. Regardless of the activity, just being outside was enjoyment enough.

While in the front of my house, picking a few weeds between the cracks of the sidewalk, a car came racing down the block – loud music blasting from four open windows, though not loud enough to mask the sound of its obnoxious muffler. I sound like an old man now, don’t I?

Anyway, that’s not even what bothered me. It was the fact that as they passed by my house they tossed an empty aluminum can out their window as though the street were their personal garbage can and I was the crew responsible for cleaning it up.

I don’t know, are recycling bins not “cool” in the eyes of the world? Is it really that much work to simply wait and dispose of your garbage properly when you get home? You know, I live in this world too and I don’t think your complete disregard for the planet and our future is fair. But then again, I’ll never fully understand why some people in this world truly feel entitled to do whatever they want.

Public trash receptacles in Dublin, Ireland recently featured the following message on their bins:

“Litter is disgusting; so are those responsible.”