What are you thankful for in life – you probably have more than you think

I recently came across an article where the writer challenged readers to spend a few moments thinking about and then writing down a list of 10 things they were truly thankful for in life.

While we all talk about what we’re thankful for, especially during this time of year, I don’t think we ever fully understand the magnitude of those blessings until we’re actually asked to write them down on paper (or typed on the computer, as is the case here).

I suspect many of us believe that in order to be thankful for something, it has to be grandiose in nature. But truth be told, it’s often the little things – the ordinary things – that are the most meaningful in life.

And so I challenge you all over the new few weeks, to sit down with a pad and paper or at your computer to think about some of the things you might include on your list. For even those who feel as though they have nothing to be grateful for, often discover they are more blessed than they thought. Here’s my list…

1. For the love, laughter, support and compassion of my wife
2. For my overall health
3. For cherished individuals I’ve encountered along the way
4. For continued friendships
5. For family members to share the holidays with
6. For a place to call home
7. For cherished memories from the past
8. For food on my table
9. For the ability to always make changes in life
10. And for the opportunity to share my thoughts with all of you