Sometimes cleaning and organizing can lead to positive feelings overall

“Rest and peace should not be left until you’re deceased. They are two vital life ingredients everybody needs and seeks.”
― Rasheed Ogunlaru

Whenever I’m feeling a little overwhelmed there are two things I can rely on to help ease my restless mind. One is going for a long walk in a picturesque environment – regardless of the temperature. There’s just something about being outside with nature that has a profoundly calming effect on me.

The second might come as a bit of a surprise to some of you, but we’re all different, right? I like to clean and organize. There’s something about each process, which seems like a chore to some, that helps to rejuvenate my spirit even on the darkest of days. Maybe I should go work for a maid service then I’d be stress free all the time!

Disorganization and down-right uncleanliness influences our unconscious emotions more than you might think. It can make us feel trapped and confined, even moody and depressed. There’s enough of that when we walk out into society, do we really need more in the places we call home?

Cleaning and organizing to me is very purifying. It allows me to feel as though I’m cleansing not only my environment, but also my soul from any lingering feelings of sadness and instability that sometimes plague my life from time to time.

It leaves the spaces we occupy most feeling refreshed, uncluttered and vibrant – igniting a feeling of positive energy that leads to positive thoughts and feelings during the rest of our day.

I know you probably think I’m crazy – I probably am. But the next time you walk into a room in your home ask yourself, how does it make me feel?