Sharing life with someone special makes the journey easier

“Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.” Fred Rogers

Life is nothing more than a journey – a series of highways and byways filled with unexpected turns and roadblocks, which can oftentimes seem insurmountable.

The pathways between our personal and professional lives; the joys and the sorrows often intersect in ways we never imagined possible and repeatedly complicate our ability to navigate and stay the course to utter happiness.

But our journey through this chaotic and many times complicated existence becomes considerably more tolerable when not taken alone. To have someone to lean on for support and guidance when the terrain seems impassable is truly a blessing – especially when those individuals provide us with unconditional affection and appreciation and above all display patience for the flaws none of us are exempt from.

Though society continues to idolize those who’ve accrued fame and fortune as though their lives are more valuable than our own, I pray humanity realizes what a gift it is just to have someone to share the passing of time with and the unpredictable journey we all travel. It’s an immeasurable gift I truly hope many of you have already received.