Service men and women – A Mother’s Wish for her military son

Photo courtesy of MetroCreativeConnection

It’s easy to forget there are still thousands of active service men and women stationed overseas, fighting to protect the very freedoms we take for granted on a daily basis. Beyond the potential dangers wartime brings, I assume it must be terribly difficult to celebrate the holidays with such a distance between your hearts. I couldn’t imagine what this shared sacrifice must feel like, and as a lifelong American I say thank you not only to our troops but their families as well.

While holiday favorites such as “Jingle Bells” or “Let It Snow” are fun to listen to during the season, I tend to appreciate songs which touch upon the realities of life and the struggles so many of us face during this time. I came across this song the other day by Broadway songstress, Christiane Noll. “A Mother’s Wish (for Christmas Day) comes from the talented Composer and Lyricist Scott Alan – telling the poignant tale of a mother longer for her son’s return from war in time for Christmas.

From the song:

It’s the only gift I’ll ask of you
To wrap him in my arms
Far away from harm
Back where he belongs
If you bring him home this holiday
Let him still remain a child
Far away from war
Just as he was before

So can you grant a mother’s wish
From your Christmas list
And bring my only son
Back home this Christmas
Can you let your reindeer fly
My baby home tonight
Where I can keep him safe
Not just on Christmas day

I know we all want something we probably don’t need for Christmas. But imagine for a moment what it must be like for your only wish to be for the return of someone you love. Those service men and women defending our freedoms. Funny how those with family serving overseas during the holidays probably have the most realistic idea of what a “gift” truly is.

Check out the websites below to find out how you can help service men and women and their families during the holiday season.

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