Selfies – because nobody else wants to take your picture

Today I saw a t-shirt that made me laugh to myself. It read simply:

“SELFIES…Because nobody else wants to take your picture.”

Come on, that’s pretty funny!

Selfies have become incredibly popular with teenagers, soccer moms and celebrities who sometimes pathetically ride the populous culture wave.

What is this fascination with everyone snapping pictures of themselves (sometimes inappropriately for public viewing I might add)?

Maybe the t-shirt is right…society is so insecure and longing for people’s attention that they feel the need to be thrust into a spotlight they’ve created for themselves. Forget about the fact that no one is an individual anymore – everyone has to do what everyone else is doing to stay relevant in society today. Sad actually.

Reminds me of the Chinese proverb, “A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows public opinion”

There’s no arguing that technology has its benefits, but this is just plain silly. Selfies of you taking a huge bite out of a hamburger; selfies of you and your girlfriend getting a manicure; selfies of you looking at yourself in a mirror in a public restroom. Am I the only one who doesn’t quite get what the big deal is?

I’ve never taken a selfie of well, myself, and I have no plans to. If you want to take my picture holding my adorable nephew, fine. Maybe snap a few pictures of my wife and I near one of the picturesque landscapes of Colorado, sure. But I have no desire to snap pictures of myself that make me look worse than I probably do when other people are taking my picture.

I doubt very largely that I’m missing out on anything here. And if I am (this one’s for you Marisa) there must be a support group for people like me.