Republican politicians turn an inspiring message to all into something bad

Is there anything that Republican politicians won’t try and contaminate?

It seems Republican politicians are getting a little annoyed by the recent Chrysler commercial featured in this year’s super bowl. Clint Eastwood says, “It’s halftime in America too. People are out of work and they’re hurting and they’re all wondering what they’re going to do to make a comeback.”

Republican Karl Rove said he was “offended” by the commercial and Michelle Malkin said she believe it alluded to his support of the auto industry.

Are we done children?

The political landscape has been reduced to nothing more than name calling, petty fighting and bullying on school playgrounds. We are so concerned with which side of the political field is winning the race that we forget about the everyday citizens who are still unemployed – still suffering. God forbid a car company should want to pay homage to their struggles in this great land of ours.

America can and will continue to find someone to blame for the troubles that plague this country. But I can assure you, if you want to blame anyone, I suggest you blame politicians.

They may claim they have our best interests at heart, but the only interests they care about are their own and their parties. A moving tribute to America is called offensive? Malkin later tweeted, “Agh. WTH? Did I just see Clint Eastwood fronting an auto bailout ad???” Really?

I saw a car company who put the message of the people ahead of their own and that should be applauded. Republican politicians, you should try that sometime.

I never understood why so many people never go out and vote during elections. I’ve been doing so religiously since I turned 18, but I’m beginning to understand that it really doesn’t matter. I don’t care who is elected into office, as long as they’re politicians it’s safe to assume that hard working Americans are the last thing on their mind.