Visit the elderly before they find themselves in a rehabilitation center

My 92 year old grandmother took a little tumble recently – forcing her to set up residency at a heavily populated rehabilitation center in northern New Jersey.

Up until now she’s been able to live at home with the assistance of a health care aid – not bad for someone in their nineties!

But she was always far from happy as she spent much of that time alone without the company of family and friends to alleviate the silence, which has become commonplace in her life.

What a sad reality that you manage to live some 90 years on this earth, and yet few people come around to marvel at the accomplishment.

But ever since my grandmother settled in to the rehabilitation center, I’ve noticed an increase in her visitors as compared to her time at home. Daily visitors who try and lift her spirits and break the monotony of sitting in a wheelchair most of the day in front of a television.

While I’m thrilled that she has the company finally, I wish many of those same visitors practiced this new schedule when she was living home.

I’m not sure I understand why humanity feels like the only time for regular visitation for the elderly is when they’re in a rehabilitation center or hospital.

We should be making time for them before that unfortunate event occurs.