Priority lists should be filled with people not just chores

Take a look at your own life and ask yourself, what or who is on my priority lists?

Our  lives seem filled to capacity with a plethora of errands, chores and  commitments which often pull us in different directions — robbing us of  the more memorable moments life has to offer.

In short we  prioritize our lives based upon what we believe to be important and  inadvertently forget about the people we always assume will be around when our priority lists are finally complete.

It’s funny how our priority lists seem to focus so much on taking care of responsibilities, yet pay  little attention to taking care of the people who provide our lives with  meaning.

Imagine turning off the television and tuning out all  distractions to interact with that special someone who’s been sitting  right next to, yet somehow has been forgotten along life’s journey. Or to regularly afford time to a parent or grandparent as a small token of respect and honor to those who sacrificed so much so that you could have  a better life. Aren’t those priorities which deserve a top spot on our priority lists?

Lists are a great way to remind yourself to change the oil in your car, pick up bread and milk at the grocery store or your  suit at the dry cleaners. But when do we ever remind ourselves to  better foster the relationships in our lives? To take time out of our  precious schedules to show someone just how valuable they truly are.

David Norris once wrote that, “How you spend your time is more important than  how you spend your money. Money mistakes can be corrected, but time is  gone forever.”