Parking ticket – my mistake and lesson learned

The other night, while visiting a friend in the hospital, I decided to park on the street – refusing to pay their $6 parking garage fee. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t notice the bus stop sign near the edge of my back bumper and got a parking ticket.

Now it’s been a while since I’ve taken a driver’s ed class, but my wife (the rule keeper in life) assures me that parking in front of a bus stop sign (not a booth) is in fact an offense.

And so as you might have guessed, I was greeted with a ticket when I returned to my car.

Normally, I would try and argue my way out of it with a well crafted letter – with some success I might add. But this time I just didn’t have the strength and decided to pay the fine.

Speaking of which…$50 for the ticket and another $2 to pay for it online?

Forgive me, but shouldn’t the fee be charged to those who snail-mail their payment, since that actually requires a live person to open the envelope and process the payment?

Okay, I made the mistake – I admit it.

But $50 seems a little steep for my offense, don’t you think? Yes it did teach me a lesson – a very costly lesson. But truthfully I would have learned the same thing if the ticket were only $25.

I don’t know why I’m surprised by the high price tag associated with this offense. I mean a government agency did have their hands in this.

Too bad the officer wasn’t around when I came out to find his ticket on my windshield.

As I crossed the street, I noticed at least five passing cars with people holding cell phones in their hand – a punishable offense while driving.

Oh well, it was late – I guess my parking ticket made the officers quota for the night.