Parenting is about love and care – it doesn’t matter who you are

People haven’t yet figured out that parenting is about love and care, regardless of race or sexual orientation. Here’s an example.

The other day, my wife had the great pleasure of appearing at our
local courthouse for jury duty. What fun, right?

She had a few entertaining stories from her experience, but what troubled me more was the reply of a middle aged man who was responding to the
judge’s question, “if you have bumper sticker on your car, what does it

The man politely responded that he worked for a soup kitchen in his church and that the only bumper sticker on his car read, “Gays are not parents“. I guess he thought his affiliation with a religious institution allowed him to have such an idiotic comment posted on his bumper.

It always amazes me when people assume that the only way a child will have a decent upbringing is by being surrounded by a mother and a father. Parenting is about so much more than that.

There are hundreds of thousands of children growing up in single family homes with grandparents or legal guardians, and yes, even with gay parents who provide the kind of quality care a child could only dream of.

I mean the bible clearly states…blah, blah, blah. Enough with what the
bible, which was written thousands of years ago, says. We live in the year 2011 and the world needs to learn to adjust to the ever changing landscape of today’s families instead of continuing to foster and propagate hatred for our neighbor.

We’re all different, and that’s okay! Children need unconditional love, support and encouragement, someone to make them feel safe. And thank GOD there are people out there who truly know how to do that. Isn’t that the kind of parenting we should be celebrating?

I’m glad that stranger at jury duty is helping those less fortunate by volunteering his time at a soup kitchen. Too bad his bumper sticker truly reveals just how much hate is stored in his heart.