Outstanding customer service comes from an outstanding company

“If you take the approach of “earning” your customers’ business every day and treating them well, they’re less likely to try someone else.”

Marilyn Suttle

When my wife and I purchased our second home, we were fortunate enough to get everything on our wish list – including a modestly sized, open front porch. Although on the smaller side, it still provides a cozy space for the two of us to relax after a long day.

And what goes better on an open front porch than a pair of rocking chairs.

Like most other homeowners today we began doing our research online based on price, quality, appearance and comfort. Who knew there were so many outdoor rocking chairs on the market! After narrowing it down, we found something that fit our needs perfectly.

I typically look at online reviews collectively and then make my own decision, but was quite taken back by one particular review for this chair.

This gentlemen wrote a long dissertation praising the chair in great detail –

pointing out it’s minor flaws, but more importantly raving over the company itself for it’s superior customer service.

You see the chair had an issue with misaligned holes and bolts – a design flaw. He contacted the company and they were not only pleasant to deal with, they sent him a new chair immediately. As it turns out, the factory was not far from his house and in a brilliant display of true customer service, the

Highwood USA Rocker

president of Highwood USA went out to his location to ease his concerns and assemble the chair himself.

Could you imagine the president of YOUR organization stepping out of the corner office to interact with customers who allow the business to flourish? This is by far one of the greatest marketing initiatives out there – to connect with customers on a personal, human level – not just when times are good, but when things go bad as well.

Far too often in today’s competitive marketplace, businesses do very little to provide their most valuable asset – the customer – with top-notch customer service in an effort to secure their brand loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing. If only they understood how immeasurable positive interactions with customers are to their bottom line, then maybe it would become a greater initiative company wide.

My wife and I have since ordered chairs from Highwood USA, and even if issues do arise because of shipping or production, I have no doubt that we’re dealing with an organization that understands that, “If you want to be outstanding, stop meeting expectations, start exceeding them”  ― Saji Ijiyemi