A trip to the NJ shore – without getting drunk

Today I was asked a rather interesting and perplexing question.

To put it into context, I grew up in New Jersey – not far from the Jersey shore.  The MTV show with the same name did little to boost the reputation of the Garden State, which might explain where this question came from now that I live in Colorado.

The question was, “Didn’t you go and get drunk on the boardwalk all the time?”

Ah, no.

Yes, I did frequent the Jersey shore on numerous occasions. But typically they were to enjoy the sights and sounds of the ocean, a box of salt water taffy and to allow the smells of the sausage and pepper stand and the sea air to take me on nostalgic trip down memory lane.

People often forget that before the show Jersey Shore ever existed, the Jersey shore was a travel destination for thousands of residents each season. You could easily hop in the car and be walking on the beach in less than an hour and a half in most cases (depending on traffic).

Now living in Colorado, where we’re basically land locked, I realize how often I took for granted the coast of New Jersey – a place I visited often, but never fully appreciated.

But I digress. Back to the perplexing question of the day and the two points I’m determined to pull from it.

One: I find it disturbing that much of society still associates having a good time with alcohol consumption. What does it really say about a person if they’re most happy when their inebriated state causes them to be someone else entirely? Hmmm.

Two: Sometimes in order to appreciate a certain environment, you have to leave it. For only then will you fully understand its beauty.

My wife and I are headed back to New Jersey in July for what I’m sure will be an enjoyable reunion with family and friends. And yes, one destination will definitely be the Jersey shore. And no, we won’t be getting drunk on the boardwalk.