My lifeline – those who make the journey rewarding

You are my lifeline, you are my rescue
Strength in my weakness, light in my darkness
You are my safety, lifter of my head
The air that I need when, I can’t seem to breath in
You are my lifeline

When I first heard the refrain to You Are My Lifeline, I found myself playing it over and over again – each time feeling more inspired, more hopeful and more grateful.

One thing that’s come with age is the ability to be more introspective. The reckless abandon which once drove my decisions, has been replaced with continual thought and reflection.

It’s been that reflection which has provided me the most clarity about what’s truly important on the journey we’re all privileged to take for an unspecified duration.

What I’ve come away with during all of that introspection is this – having a true lifeline is the greatest gift you will ever need on the journey. The one person who makes you feel like this:

You’re there in my brokenness, in my distress
My rock when I’m strong or when I’m powerless
You hold me in rushing tides when waters rise
And I always find, you are my lifeline

  • You could travel all around the globe…
  • Land the most amazing job…
  • Drive an expensive luxury car…
  • Have every technological gizmo at your fingertips…
  • Believe brands ensure your status in society…
  • Have more money than you know what to do with…
  • And still find yourself lost at the end of the day.

Because none of those circumstances or material possessions will provide you a lifeline.

  • Who is your constant caretaker through the highs and lows of life?
  • The one who makes you laugh when you’re feeling down and calms you when you’re feeling stressed?
  • Who supports you regardless of the situation, and fills your life with unending joy at every turn?

Cherish those people, tell them as often as you can just how much you appreciate their time, their talents, their care and their love. For they are your strength during weakness – your light in the darkness. They are your lifeline.

You Are My Lifeline – Songwriters: Jason Barton / Rob Ghosh / Tony Wood
Lifeline lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC