Do you want more out of life?

I’m ashamed to admit that sometimes, regardless of my personal satisfaction, I always want more out of life. I live fairly simply, but on occasion I allow myself to get caught up in the spell of society – the one which manages to convince us all that we need to spend more and buy more in order to be relevant.

But inevitably something pops up and reminds me of my good fortune – today it was the article below:

FRANKLIN, Ohio — A southwest Ohio police officer has befriended a 7-year-old boy police say was trying to sell a teddy bear to buy food.

Many of us are incredibly fortunate, and yet far too often we fail to acknowledge the bounties in our possession. Even when we reach the pinnacle of contentment, it’s not long before we find ourselves still wanting something more.

And I’m just as guilty as anyone.

Are you satisfied?

It seems to me that those who seemingly reap the most benefits in life, are the least grateful for what they have. Instead of looking at things with sincere appreciation, they’re on a continual quest for more out of life, which often represents less in the grand scheme of things.

Like so many others, I’ve worked very hard for the things I have. However, that should never cloud my perception of just has fortunate I am to have been able to do so. It should never reduce me to someone who is rarely satisfied and always looking for more out of life.

In truth, I have plenty and should be humbled by that reality and more appreciative of the bounties before me. But I’m human and that doesn’t always happen. I’m just grateful when I stumble upon a story like the one I mentioned above, for a 7-year-old boy trying to sell his teddy bear for food is enough for me to realize just how fortunate I am.

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.”  Eckhart Tolle