Money doesn’t grow on trees – though the government thinks it does

Money doesn’t grow on trees – though the government thinks it does

“The phrase money doesn’t grow on trees is a proverb that stresses the importance and value of hard work and encourages people to make wise spending decisions.” –

We’re all familiar with the phrase, “money doesn’t grow on trees,” but did you ever wonder where it came from or what it stands for?

Its first usage, though not credited to any one person, appeared back in 1891 in a newspaper called the Statesville Landmark where it stated, “money doesn’t grow on trees here yet”.

From, “This phrase relates to the fact that trees often produce fruit for people to enjoy—regardless of whether or not the people cultivate these trees. This contrasts the idea that money must be worked for with effort and is never given without a reason.”

I have a lot of trees in my backyard. But sadly, none of them produce money, only apples and berries for the squirrels and birds who frequently visit my yard to nibble on.

But what I do have is a firm understanding that “money must be worked for with effort,” and through various opportunities, I try and do my very best to help contribute to my family and the expenses that come along with living in America.

However, the financial burdens which continue to plague our society, leads me to believe that governmental agencies really do believe that money DOES in fact grow on trees in backyards from coast to coast.

Individuals are aware that an aging car or home will eventually need updating and repair. That reality is clearly understood and appreciated on a larger scale for the local and national infrastructures across our country.

But the citizens of America do not have an infinite amount of financial resources at their disposal. The cost of living continues to increase steadily, but salaries have yet to catch up to the demands our governing bodies impose upon us.

This burden puts a terrible strain on families across the country, adding to mounting debts and no doubt contributing to the problem of homeless which is becoming widespread.

Former U.S. Representative Ron Paul once remarked, “One thing is clear: The Founding Fathers never intended a nation where citizens would pay nearly half of everything they earn to the government.”

Perhaps it’s time to remind our governing bodies that money doesn’t grow on trees, but their leaves do an effective job of overshadowing all the waste.