Pull something positive from your mistakes

When life is going your way, you rarely spend any time looking back upon all the mistakes you’ve made with any relevance or importance.

But when life is going some other way entirely, mistakes seem to be the only thing you can focus on.

The reasoning behind this isn’t rocket science.

The old “if I’d only taken the road not traveled…” cliché certainly applies. It’s only logical that we look back at our decisions with regret when they don’t turn out exactly as we planned them.

And while I feel as though my life is now “going some other way entirely,” I’ve come to understand…no, accept that mistakes are only a bad thing if you haven’t learned anything from them. While they still can be difficult to digest at times, this thought process can spare you a lot of wasted time wallowing in your own self pity. Believe me.

James Anthony Froude once remarked, “Instruction does not prevent wasted time or mistakes; and mistakes themselves are often the best teachers of all.”