Littering is NOT cool

Last night while waiting for a friend in a Starbucks parking lot, in a rather upper crust neighborhood I might add, I was quite literally shocked and disgusted by what I witnessed just a few car lengths ahead of me.

I had taken notice of the pearl white Chevy Tahoe when it first pulled in the lot – probably because I’m not used to seeing a vehicle of that size being driven as though Mario Andretti were behind the wheel. To say they were going “fast” would be an understatement.

After circling the lot several times, they eventually pulled into a space – oh wait I’m sorry, two spaces.

When the driver emerged from the car, I noticed it was a female about five foot two, tan to a crisp, wearing way too much makeup and far too many Botox injections – all no doubt in an effort to recapture her youth.

I wish someone would tell her it’s not working.

She pulled an empty coffee cup from her car and tossed it on the ground before heading into the nearby Starbucks.

Okay folks, not only are there garbage bins INSIDE Starbucks, she passed right by one on the sidewalk leading to the outside entrance.

As if that weren’t bad enough, on her return she ripped open her straw and guess where the paper wound up? You guessed it, on the ground. She then stepped on the coffee cup she so nicely left there previously, before speeding away.

I thought public littering ceased existing in today’s socially and environmentally conscious world – especially in the upper crust neighborhood I was in.

But I guess when you have maids and servants always there to pick up after your mess, you assume you can behave the same way out in public.

I was tempted to say something to the woman, but knew the kind of tongue lashing I probably would bring upon myself. Not to mention regardless of what I said, she’d go on doing whatever the hell she wanted.

Matthew McConaughey once said, “There aren’t many things that are universally cool, and it’s cool not to litter. I’d never do it.”

Obviously the woman above isn’t nearly as COOL as she thinks.