Our legal system is not about justice as much as lining people’s pockets

I’m of the opinion that the majority of this world is filled with self-serving, uncaring and down-right inconsiderate people. The sad reality is there are more than enough stories going around to back up my claim. You can often find them in the legal system.

Apparently an Illinois appeals court recently ruled that a woman is within her rights to sue a dead teenager’s estate for injuries she received by his flying body parts (sorry folks, there’s really no pleasant way to put that).

It seems the 18 year old boy was running across the tracks to catch another train but didn’t make it. Let this be a lesson to everyone – NEVER RUN ACROSS THE TRACKS OF A BUSY TRAIN STATION!

He was hit by an oncoming train going 70 miles per hour, which unfortunately torn his body to pieces – shooting sections onto a nearby platform where passengers were standing.

The woman in question was apparently hit with a rather large part of his torso, which caused her to fall to the ground – breaking her leg and wrist.

Our illustrious legal system ruled that the boy’s death was “reasonably foreseeable” and that his estate could in fact be held responsible for his negligence.

Regardless of the fact that the boys move to cross the train tracks was not the smartest thing to do, it was an accident by all accounts. Do you really think it’s fair to his grieving family to try and profit from this mishap?

Let’s be realistic people. Bad things happen all the time – we call them misfortunes or accidents.

When did we as a society look at suing people as an opportunity for wealth? What is wrong with the money hungry lawyers who bring these ridiculous cases into a courtroom, and more importantly, what’s wrong with our legal system for allowing this kind of fantastical case to ever get off the ground?

I have but one word for you – GREED. That is the driving force behind such cases. Compassion and empathy have all but been erased from the American landscape as more and more people look to make money over someone else’s misfortune.

Shame on you America.