Leave the day behind – enjoy what you come home to

​”Consciously leave all those behind, walk into your home in a manner that says you are truly happy to be home for the ones you love, who have missed you all day, and have so longed to have you back.”  – Grace Essen 

As the hours pass, and the sun and the moon switch places, it’s important to leave the day behind.

While not every day is filled with challenges, we must learn to return to the ones we love invigorated by the comfort and security of being home. A place where the sometimes daunting nature of life is replaced with sincerity and humility.

We need​ to forget the day and simply​ rejoice in crossing over the threshold into an environment brimming with affection, silliness and a melody so familiar it warms your heart and fills your soul.

Some fail to understand how invaluable it is to leave the day behind ​you ​and return to the arms of someone who comforts you when you need support, while bringing a smile to your face and a spark to your spirit.

We allow that feeling of home to be overshadowed by the shortfalls in our existence, personal disappointments, anger in inequalities and our impatience for the future.

I myself struggle to compartmentalize what has passed and realize that what’s done is done. What’s already happened​ cannot be changed.

We need to stop taking for granted the people who long to have us back. Our continual support systems. Those who motivate us to push harder and go farther in life.

At the end of the day, we need to leave all those behind who do not serve our lives with any purpose or fulfillment. Who don’t define who we are or what we might become. To truly just be happy to be home.