Learn to say “thank you” to those who deserve to hear it

Regardless of your age, we’re all still students in the classroom of life.

The learning process is never over, unless of course you choose to ignore the lessons that are often presented to us on a daily basis.

Something I’ve learned of late is that society has a very difficult time showing their appreciation – sharing a simple “thank you” to those who’ve unconditionally offered their kindness.

While there might be an unwritten code that the actions we take in life should be for our own personal fulfillment, and not because we hope to reap something in return, every human being wants to feel appreciated for their generosity.

G.B. Stern once said that, “Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.”

Too many times we assume that people know how much we care or appreciate them. Silence does little to reveal someone’s feelings, but it does a great job of concealing them.

I’ve said this many times before – life is NOT infinite. It only takes a moment for the happiness we know to completely change forever.

Put aside your pride and hierarchical stigmas and tell someone who deserves more than your silence, “thank you”.

Maybe it’s an email, a phone call or even a greeting card you drop in the mail. Regardless of how you choose to deliver your message, don’t let time continue to fly by without telling those who have given of themselves, unconditionally, just how much they’re appreciated.